Publishing KidPix Files on the Web to Showcase Student Work


Software Used:

Kid Pix Deluxe (MAC)
Graphic Converter
Claris Home Page


Saving the KidPix files:
1. Usually all the students save their work to their folder on our server. When I am going to use their picture on the web, I delete the student's name and resave it into another folder. I always ask the student first if they mind their picture being put on the web page.

2. File/Export a graphic. For KidPix, I select .gif. For photos, use .jpg.

Graphic Converter to Scale:

1. File/open and navigate to the exported gif Kid Pix file.

2. Picture/Size/Scale (I use 50%)

Claris Home Page

1. I make a table first with two columns and as many rows as needed to insert the pictures.

2. I set the width of the table to 600 pixels and this accomodates 2 pictures that have been scaled in Graphic Convertoer to 50%.

Examples on the Web:

Caldecott Book Puppets
Hand Turkeys
Eric Carle's Dragon, Dragon


 Joanne Goodwin, [email protected]
School-Based Technology Specialist
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