ClarisWorks Database

Using the Database Find Function

These directions assume that you have created a database or are using an existing one.

To find records with common field entries:

  1. Open the database.
  2. From the menu bar click on Layout, and drag to Find.
  3. Click in the field box that corresponds with the information you want to retrieve.
  4. Type in the key word for which you are searching and press return.
  5. The first record that contains that word in that particular field box will appear. If there are no records with that word in that field, a blank screen will appear. The side bar will indicate the number of records found.
  6. You can scroll to see other records that contain that key word.
  7. To retrieve the entire database, from the menu bar, click on Organize and drag to Show All Records.

Instructional Application:

Students opened an existing database on the 50 states and then used the find function to retrieve answers to a series of questions about the states.