Creating a Slide Show Using ClarisWorks

You must create a series of "slides" before you can use the Slide Show feature in ClarisWorks. "Slides" are the pages in your document. All your slides must be part of one document. Each page of the document is treated as a separate slide. You may create the slides in the word processing, drawing, paint, database, or spreadsheet mode.

To Create a Slide Show from a Series of Slides:

Choose Slide Show from the View Menu to get the following dialogue box:


To change the order of the slides, select a page number and drag it up or down.
Click on the icon left of the page number to select Opaque, Transparent, or Hidden.
A transparent slide lets you see the preceding slide through it.
An opaque slide covers the preceding slide.

Slide Options:

Fit to window - shrinks the picture so the whole page fits your screen
Center - crops the picture
Show cursor - lets you have the cursor to point to items during the show
Fade - fades to black
Loop - runs the slide show for you
Advance every - choose the seconds spent on each slide

Manual Advance:

Next Slide - press the right arrow or spacebar, or click the mouse button
Previous Slide - press the left arrow

QuickTime Options:

Auto Play - the QuickTime movie starts as soon as the slide appears
Simultaneous - starts several movies at once
Complete Play - overrides the "Advance every n seconds" (This is so a slide doesn't advance before a movie begins playing.)


Saves the options without running the show


Starts the slide show
Hint: You can run the slide show without displaying the dialogue box by pressing
Option when you choose Slide Show in the View Menu.

End the Slide Show:

Press "q"or Escape

Joanne Goodwin, Technology Resource Teacher
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