Using ClarisWorks

Creating a 2-Column Newsletter

These directions were created because teachers wanted to be able to create a newsletter with a header using ClarisWorks. However, they didn't want the header to appear on every page of the newsletter. (That's what happens when you choose Insert Header.)

  1. Open ClarisWorks.
  2. Select Word Processing.
  3. Under View in the menu bar, click and drag down to Show Tools.
  4. Using the rectangle tool make a box the size for your header.
  5. While holding the OPTION KEY down, click on the Text Tool.
  6. Now click and drag to make a another box over your other box. You will be able to type in this box. Select the Font and Size you would like for your Newsletter Title

  1. Click on the 2 column option . Press the return key until you see the cursor come out from under your title box. You are now ready to type the rest of your newsletter. It will be in columns and the header will only appear on your first page.

Joanne Goodwin, Technology Resource Teacher

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