Chris VansAllsburg Scavenger Hunt

Use the folllowing web sites to answer the questions listed below:


1. When was Chris Van Allsburg born?


2. Chris Van Allsburg lived in what city and state?


3. Where does Chris Van Allsburg currently live?


4. What school's did Chris Van Allsburg attend?


5. Before writing books for children, what did Chris Van Allsburg do?


6. What is Chris Van Allsburg's wife's first name?


7. Mr. Van Allsburg writes stories that often have __________ and ____________ in them.

8. What was the first book of his that was published?


9. How long does it take Chris Van Allsburg to write and illustrate a book?


10. Who is Fritz?


11. Fritz was inspired by what?


12. Where is Fritz in the Polar Express?


13. What are the brother's names in Zathura?


14. Chris Van Allsburg won the Caldecott Award for _________________in 1985 and for ______________________in ___________.

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