Using MacMet for Graphing
by Joanne Goodwin

1. Open MacMet.

2. Find 3 stations and access the “realtime” weather data and complete the chart.
(Station Manager/Stations/ Realtime/Master Screen)

Station ID

City, State

Current Temp

Monthly Rainfall

3. Pick 2 of your stations from question 2 and get the “historical data” by Station Manager/ Stations/Call Station.

4. Under Displays in the menu bar drag to Graphing.

5. Click on the Stations button. Locate the two stations you selected for question 3. Highlight each station and then click on Select.
(You will notice it puts a check mark before the station name.) Click OK.

6. To set the variables you want on your graph click on the Left Y button. Choose your variable and click OK.

(If no data appears on your graph, check the date by clicking x-axis.)

7. If you want to compare two variables, click on the Right Y button. Choose another variable and click OK.
Here are some suggested variables to graph:

8. Other Button Information:
The Y-Scale button allows you to change values in the scale.
The X-Axis allows you to change the time period.
The Prev button takes you back in time.
The Next button takes you forward.

9. If you want to display your graph using metric units, click on Edit in the menu bar and drag to Settings and then slide to Set Display Units.

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